Navigating content in 2021: thoughts from a travel copywriting agency

by Anna Fozzard

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Travel in 2020 has been interesting, to say the least. We’ve all been on tenterhooks, waiting to see if we could go away or get a refund. As a travel copywriting agency, we believe that as soon as vaccines start becoming more commonplace and the situation is looking clearer, travel is expected to be back on the itinerary in a big way with people rushing to get their holiday fix.
Huge opportunities are afoot in the travel industry, but there is no clear end date to restrictions yet. So how can companies rally excitement while managing disappointment?

Rebuilding trust

Cancelled holidays and frustrations over struggles to get refunds have damaged consumer trust in the travel agency. Copywriting needs to reassure customers to help restart bookings.
Communications that are open and honest will help win back trust. Not just in annual reports or company statements but everything from customer apology letters to the website homepage.


Given disappointment in 2020, people will want flexibility in their bookings for 2021, so they can plan around global restrictions switching on and off. In response, many travel companies have changed their policies to encourage bookings and stay competitive.
Any policy changes should be clearly communicated. In the past, we’ve seen harsh warnings telling customers when to cancel by to avoid losing all their money, often printed in bold red letters. But these policies could be shared in a much more positive, encouraging way to hearten trust, for example:
“We can’t wait to welcome you to the Paradise Retreat, but if it looks like you won’t be able to join us, please let us know by 21st March 2021. We’ve changed our cancellation policy to make it easier for you to plan around the current situation. Read the update here.”

Last-minute bookings

Lots of us will be holding tight to wait and see what happens before booking flights and accommodation for our getaway. As soon as travel restrictions are lifted, companies are expecting to see a surge in last-minute bookings.
To ride the wave in opportunities, travel communications will need to be responsive. Social media will be a hugely helpful tool in getting the word out quickly. But with nearly every company marketing deals, travel copywriting will need to be unique and catchy to stand out.

A rise in research

Thorough pre-booking research has become hugely important for people, from checking the entry rules to making sure it’s easy to get home if they need to.
Travel copywriting can help position companies as leaders in the travel sector. Location guides and helpful information will answer the questions at the top of people’s minds while inspiring others about their next holiday.


After being stuck at home for months, any holiday – whether in Barbados or Brighton – will be welcome. Lots of us have embraced staycations in 2020, inspiring many to do the same in 2021.
This is a massive opportunity for travel businesses with accommodation and activities on home soil. A travel copywriting agency can help build on the growth in popularity. A well-planned content plan with blogs and social media posts on themes and destinations can enthuse people considering a staycation. Think ‘best beaches’ for sun worshippers, ‘literary getaways’ for bookworms, and ‘history and heritage’ for the culture lovers.

Healthy holidays

Wellbeing holidays have been steadily gaining popularity in recent years, but they’re expected to peak in 2021. Health and wellness have been brought to the forefront in 2020, and lots of people are looking for more than a relax from their getaway – they’ll want to cleanse the previous year away.
Yoga retreats, walking holidays and detox spa hideaways will be more appealing than ever. But the last thing people want when they are in dire need of a proper break is a stressful time booking the holiday. Travel companies offering a soothing getaway should work hard to make the user experience of booking the holiday a breeze, with clearly outlined cancellation options to alleviate worries post-booking.

Travel copywriting R&R

As a travel copywriting agency, we’ve helped many businesses perfectly capture their offering through carefully chosen words. Our team can help you too. Get in touch for content strategy advice and a helping hand in getting last-minute copywriting turned around quickly.

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