Internal content writing

Your colleagues are your best customers.

To win hearts and minds outside your business, you need to win them inside.

Employees want to be motivated, encouraged and inspired to achieve.

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Better communication, better employee engagement

Businesses change all the time. But if your employees aren’t brought along with you, they’ll lose
interest and you’ll lose out. Keeping them motivated on your mission comes down to
expert internal communications.

Tell the inside story

Employee comms have come a long way from the odd ‘all-staff email’ from the CEO. Today’s employees want to be part of something bigger than just the rat race. They want to know their work matters, and that their combined efforts are building towards a clear purpose.

But sharing your purpose in one email won’t rally the troops. You need to layer a stream of content that shows why the work you do, and your employees do, matters.

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Leading with insight

Our internal communications experts can help you reset and refresh your approach to be more strategic in winning over your team.

We can audit the effectiveness of your current internal comms programme, analyse the results of your employee engagement surveys and make targeted recommendations based on the insights we uncover. Whether you’re looking to launch a new business strategy, establish a new culture or create a shared sense of purpose, we can help create an integrated internal communications plan to get you there.

Experts in engagement

Our internal communications experts include strategists and writers with a wealth of experience across sectors and formats.

From CEO speeches and global townhall events to change communications and intranet content writing, we can build a team with the right expertise to get the results you need.

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