Thought leadership

In a crowded market, if you’re not speaking with authority, is it worth speaking at all?

For companies that sell ideas and services, thought leadership content can be the most tangible expression of their product. For clients deciding whether to work with you, it’s a window into the expertise, value and business outcomes they’re buying.

Thought leadership that sets the agenda and shapes conversations

Because not all thoughts are created equal.

Almost half of decision makers spend at least an hour reading thought leadership a week, with nearly a fifth reading four-plus hours

Intelligent content that sets you apart

Almost everyone is publishing content, but that doesn’t make everybody a thought leader. That distinction belongs to a rare few: those with unique ideas, insight and perspectives that shape conversations and drive their sector forward.

It’s one thing to be bursting with ideas and insight, it’s another thing altogether to capture these views, express them clearly and share them effectively for a discerning audience.
That’s where we come in.

Your experts, our expertise

Not everyone can write (luckily for us). It’s a specialist skill. And it’s rare that experts with unique insights into a niche sector will also have the skills to tell a cracking tale.

This makes sense. When you’re deeply immersed in a subject, it’s easy to lose track of how much a layperson will understand. Jargon creeps in, or you can overexplain unintentionally. Or you can waste precious time staring at a blank sheet, unsure of where to start.

Many of our writers have a background in journalism. They are confident interviewers with a knack for getting to the nub of a story and translating complex, or technical, ideas into compelling thought leadership content. They’ll uncover hidden insight, root out the right angle for your audience and help you develop a strong perspective on an issue.

And best of all, they’ll do it quickly and seamlessly. So your experts can get back to doing what they do best.

Steered by insight, powered by process

We always start by understanding your audience, their challenges and needs. By clearly addressing their needs with solutions you provide, we can develop a targeted thought leadership programme that drives traffic to your website, answers questions and shares valuable expertise. So your audience will know you’re the brightest crayons in the box.

But genuine thought leaders don’t just have one good idea. They keep the good ideas coming.

We can also help you build a sustainable process to gather insight from within your business and generate new ideas and angles on an ongoing basis. Then we’ll map out your content calendar so that everyone in your business knows what’s coming down the pipe to maximise the value of a steady stream of thought leadership content.