Tone of voice


Position your brand personality for success.

Bold creativity. Simple authenticity. Every brand has a tone of voice. By design or by accident is up to you.

Tone of voice is to writing what logo, colour and fonts are to branding. Done well, your verbal identity will set you on the road to consistent success.

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“Stratton Craig completely encompassed everything we wanted to achieve with our new brand proposition, tone of voice and website copy. It’s made us even more excited about the launch of the new brand"

- Georgia Harris, Head of Marketing at 5Values

Holding a mirror up to your brand

Developing an authentic tone of voice doesn’t always
come naturally.

That’s why we’re here to help. It starts with a discovery phase where we get under the skin of your business, your competitors and your content. By giving you an in-depth overview of your business, we’ll help you see your brand’s vision, mission and values clearly.

We’ll also highlight opportunities for you to stand out and define your position in the market.
And for this, our creative vision comes into its own.

Engaging your creative side

We’re not here to tell you what you should be doing.
Our aim is to help you create your own tone of voice.

During a workshop, our tone of voice experts will lead your key people through a series of interactive exercises, tailored to you. They’ll get you thinking about your brand personality and challenge perspectives on the impact of language.

From our experience, this stakeholder-driven approach achieves the most authentic brand language. One that is a true reflection of the way you work, and that comes naturally to your team when it is time to implement it.

Rolling out your brand language

Finding your new voice isn’t the end goal. Our linguists will help you speak your language fluently.

We’ll find the words that encapsulate your personality and bring them to life in guidelines and messaging frameworks. Because even the most skilled writer needs direction to get your voice spot on. And using our practical guidelines, anyone in your team can turn their everyday writing into on-brand work.

Our trainers and copywriters can also go one step further to bring more of your team up to speed on your new voice. A few workshops and feedback sessions go a long way to making sure everyone just ‘gets it’.

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