Think outside the box when blogging

by Stratton Craig

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Most businesses will be familiar with the benefits of maintaining a blog and the key aspects of successful blogging, such as providing fresh, unique content and giving an insight into the work they do. Previously this has been enough for the majority of brands to build a loyal following.
However, as blogging becomes increasingly popular, this is no longer enough to engage consumers and to reach a new audience. In order to make your blog really memorable and useful to people, businesses should start thinking outside the box, Business 2 Community claims.
The most important thing that brands need to focus on is ‘shareability’. The new Google algorithm prioritises original content that comes from verified authors and is shared on social media. The search engine is now placing much more emphasis on the identity of authors who post content online, regardless of whether they are based on a certain website or post on multiple sites (guest posting). This move aims to boost the credibility of content delivered in search results by Google.
So, what should brands be writing about in their blogs? Business 2 Community recommends that they focus on articles that provide industry news, show or explain to consumers how to do something, clarify things that may not have been understood previously or provide a resource (such as helpful tips or how to guides). There will always be various aspects of the business that can be used to write stories like these and, more importantly, they will provide real value to consumers and make them want to share it.

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