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The right words can make (or break) your reputation

The demands of the digital revolution mean that your online presence is no longer governed simply by the broadcasts you make through your website. Your brand is (and should be) involved in conversations too. Why? Because there are hundreds of them happening, 24 hours a day. If you’re not involved, you’ve lost control of your brand and it’s in the hands of just about anybody. Vigilance and participation can also help you to understand what’s on customers’ minds and what they most want next.

Should I share this? And if so, where?

The right social media content is only right if the right people read it. Right? We will help you to define the platforms that are suitable for your organisation and objectives, and we’ll get you up and running. We can either write on your behalf, or give your people useful tips and training to keep on top of social media content writing.

We can then help you with the updating and maintenance of accounts, and we can also undertake social media engagement workshops within your organisation to give your internal teams all the tools and knowledge they need to continue the good work and do their own social media copywriting.