Stratton Craig attends major sustainability summit

by Stratton Craig

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On July 12 and 13, Stratton Craig attended the Re│Source 2012 conference at Oxford University. The conference, jointly run by the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment and the Rothschild Foundation, addressed the multiple challenges of resource scarcity and population growth and attracted a range of high-level speakers and delegates. These included former US President Bill Clinton, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, David Miliband, Sir David King, Jeremy Grantham and Peter Mandelson, to name but a few.

Offering editorial support to the Smith School, Stratton Craig was appointed to cover the two-day event and write the post-conference publication, as we did in 2011 for the Smith School’s World Forum on ecosystem services. This year’s conference tackled a whole host of complex and interconnected issues, such as rising energy demands, dwindling food and fuel supplies, melting ice caps and the need to feed nine billion people by 2050, as well as potential solutions around resources efficiency, renewable energy and ‘disruptive innovation’. 

One of the key messages emerging from the event – apart from the fact that China consumes half of the world’s pork, that an aircraft carrier does 12 inches per gallon of fuel, and that one light bulb can save lives as effectively as vaccines – was that more than ever before we need clear and compelling communication around sustainability.

Using our expertise in social, environmental and corporate sustainability issues – which was both confirmed and enhanced by our presence at Re│Source 2012 – Stratton Craig continues to provide high-quality sustainability communications to clients from all sectors.

If you would like to find out more about what we do in this area, please contact Harriette Hobbs on 020 7593 4014.

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