How to avoid B2B content marketing mistakes

by Stratton Craig

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Content marketing is obviously here to stay in 2013, so it is essential for businesses to get it done right. B2B marketers have been especially challenged by the concept of content marketing, but over time they are starting to feel more and more comfortable with it. However, there are still a number of mistakes that can occur in the process. Econsultancy has made a list of the most commonly made mistakes.

First of all, many B2B companies seem to be placing too much emphasis on external distribution channels. Content marketing can certainly benefit from social media or press releases but many companies are underestimating the power of their own internal channels, such as a company website or a blog. When these are properly used, they can turn into a primary lead generator.

Another common mistake that B2B companies sometimes make is failure to segment. Getting ROI without identifying the target audience and delivering content they will find relevant is very difficult. However, companies often forget to analyse who they want to reach and how they can provoke decision-makers to act.

Next, although creating eye-catching content is important for both B2B and B2C companies, in B2B marketing it's essential to remember that factual details are also needed in order to sell your products or services.

Last, but not least, while B2B marketing tends to be less exciting than B2C campaigns, that does not mean it should be dull and impersonal. Since every deal is closed by people, B2B marketers should bear in mind that they are interacting with individuals throughout the whole process.

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