When is it time for a website content re-write?

by Stratton Craig

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Refreshing web content is an important process. Establishing when and how to do this can be difficult though, and there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. The first thing to consider is whether your website is generating conversions or not. Are people linking back to it on social media? Is there a steady flow of traffic to all pages? If the answer is no then it could be time for a refresh.
Be honest with yourself
When it comes to improving your web copy you need to be objective and honest. The following questions are useful for establishing a profile for your current content and whether it is working or not.
·         How old is it?
·         Does it reflect your brand today?
·         Is it still relevant to the marketplace?
·         Is it well-structured for the web?
·         Is the tone consistent across the site?
·         Does it encourage readers to take action?
By answering these questions honestly you will get a better understanding of the content on your site and how well it is performing for the business.
Refresh with purpose
Every re-write project must have a clear purpose. If you are changing the site architecture as well as the copy, you need to plan precisely what you need and where it will sit. This means you can easily cross-reference and cross-link pages if needed.
The length and structure of each page is also key. For SEO best practice you ideally need at least 300 words but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Too much copy will put readers off so make sure you strike a balance between being valued by Google and engaging with visitors. The homepage is very important for SEO, and adding copy doesn’t have to detract from the design. Using an ‘expand’ or ‘read more’ button down the page is a great way of ensuring you have enough copy to satisfy Google without losing the visual impact.
Successful conversions
When you think about the structure and the site map, you also need to consider what each page is trying to achieve. To do this you need to define what a conversion will look like. Common examples include:
·         brochures downloaded
·         products purchased
·         time spent on the page
·         number of views on a video
·         enquiries sent
·         people registered for an event
·         sign-ups to the mailing list
If your web copy isn’t driving any of the above, it’s probably time for a refresh.
Simply re-writing the copy isn’t enough. You need to produce great content that captures the imagination of site visitors, informs them of the value you provide and prompts them to take action. It takes excellent copywriters to make this happen, which we know all about. Speak to us today to find out how our copywriting agency can help your business.

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