Recession? No thanks

by Stratton Craig

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We’re in a recession. What are you going to do? Keep talking, that’s what.

It would be easy for brand managers to persuade themselves that they need to cut investment in marketing and communications. But a better idea is to make it pay.

Here’s why.

1. Why waste your investment so far? Communications campaigns are months in the making, and can take just as long to get inside the heads of consumers. To abandon it now would undo all that good work.
2. Communications are not a risk factor. They’re the glue between brand and consumer. If ever there was a time to step up your dialogue, this is it.
3. It’s measurable. It’s easy to measure the effectiveness of some communications – especially direct or online – and cut the stuff that doesn’t deliver.

In economic times like these, brands have got to be more clever in their communications, and their spend. Time and resources spent in brand reinforcement now will pay dividends later.

So get thinking. Hard. Copywriters aren’t about just words – first come ideas. And ideas are the lifeblood of marketing.

At Stratton Craig, we can help you devise your communications strategy, and tweak your long-term messaging (and the media you use) to make it more measurable – and to make it pay.

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