Medical sector gets savvy with social media

by Stratton Craig

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Really encouraging to see the dedicated medical online networking and social media site increasing its membership across the UK.

The social media medical platform claims to have 60,000 members and more than 700,000 messages posted on the site discussion boards.

We particularly like the blogs section (, which contains a huge number of useful, interesting and inside-the-industry comments.

This online forum and social media platform offers huge value to the medical industry, and we’re really pleased to see online content being made so readily available for the medical profession in the UK.

Our experience in the healthcare sector with a range of clients highlights one main point: it’s a fast-moving, competitive and innovative area. Only the tough survive.

Even though the site was established in 2002, it’s clear that the team have continued working hard to keep the online presence as a main player online for the medical sector.

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