KPMG chooses Stratton Craig to help recruit the best in Brazil

by Stratton Craig

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Stratton Craig has worked on many projects with KPMG, and the latest is a recruitment website for the Brazilian firm of the multinational accounting brand.


Despite global economic turbulence, Brazil’s economy is in good shape with excellent prospects for the future, and projects such as transitioning all listed companies to the International Financial Reporting System (IFRS) is keeping KPMG in Brazil busy for the foreseeable future.


Because of this, KPMG in Brazil wants to recruit experienced professionals both from within Brazil and from KPMG member firms worldwide to spend 2 years or longer sharing their experience, and benefiting from the unique culture that Brazil has to offer.


KPMG’s Global People, Performance and Culture Group again chose Stratton Craig to communicate to potential candidates. After interviewing 20 professionals from KPMG in Brazil, our writers have produced a recruitment minisite that conveys the best of Brazil, and the opportunities and culture candidates will find in Brazil.


Stratton Craig has previously created similar sites for KPMG member firms in the Middle East and India, which are now a key part of KPMG’s international recruitment communications.

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