Keeping up with language

by Stratton Craig

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It seems you can’t read the news anymore without realising that language is changing at an accelerated rate thanks to the ease with which people can visit other countries, chat on their mobile phones and, of course, use the internet.

Certainly the rate of change seems much faster than it was, for example, two hundred years ago, but in business, the use of ‘text speak’ will at best seem that you are trying, unsuccessfully, to be ‘down with the kids’, at worst it will make you seem hopelessly unprofessional.

It’s no secret that you modify your language according to who you’re speaking to; you may describe the weekend’s events differently depending on whether you’re talking to friends or your mother. However, we still see businesses everywhere who don’t apply this to their written communication. A business communicating without a clear language strategy is like being spoken to by your father, your best friend and everyone in between, all at once. It just doesn’t work.

Stratton Craig draws on a team of writers with a broad range of experience, which means we can help craft a language that defines a business and clearly communicates to its audiences. We’re excited by all the new things that seem to be happening to language, but we recognise that there is a time and a place for rigid structures and exactly the right words chosen for your specific industry.

If you’d like to discuss using the appropriate language for your business, please call Harriette on 0117 937 1383 or email [email protected].

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