Five common copywriting mistakes to avoid

by Stratton Craig

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Effective SEO copywriting can make your business take off but doing it in the wrong way can put off potential customers. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that web copywriters make and some ideas on how to steer clear of them.

1. Watch out for too much hype. This is the equivalent of cheesy TV infomercials that make people bored and reach out for the remote, Business 2 Community says. Instead of offering users huge red letters and a double-digit number of exclamation marks, make sure you make them excited about your product or service through a more detailed, authentic description.

2. Do not make promises you cannot keep. This is very similar to the previous point but it is so common that it deserves to be given more attention. You should always keep in mind that your target audience is a group of intelligent people who are not easily fooled with ridiculous promises. Try to avoid making huge statements about products or services that simply won´t be believed.

3. Do not deliver copy that is too impersonal. Most people buy products from brands that make them feel good or important. Your copy should show people how they will benefit from your product or service and this is impossible to achieve without emotion.

4. Avoid big paragraphs. Web users are famous for being fond of scan reading and long paragraphs do not help them do that. Instead, offer them bullet points or bite-sized paragraphs to ensure that they quickly grasp what you are talking about.

5. Do not leave questions unanswered. Make sure your copy includes the most important information, just like a good news story. Remember that people and companies are looking for excuses not to spend their money these days, so sparing them important details will give them the perfect excuse to shrug their shoulders and move on.

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