Crown Estate Moves To Integrated Reporting

by Stratton Craig

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The Crown Estate has announced plans to move towards integrated reporting and to reveal the full environmental and social impact of its property portfolio. Its first “total contribution” report was released at the start of May, Business Green reports.
In an effort to find out more about the plans and what motivated the organisation to embrace integrated reporting, Business Green interviewed Mark Gough, the Crown Estate´s head of sustainability. He explained that measuring the value of the Crown Estate´s work had been discussed at the organisation for quite some time but the idea of integrated reporting was introduced by Alison Nimmo when she was appointed CEO.
The Crown Estate is also trying to embed sustainability in its business plan and decision making by developing tools to integrate the concept across all areas of business, such as including sustainable criteria in investment papers, Gough explained.
Following the organisation´s collaboration with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), the Crown Estate will produce one report that will replace the two separate annual and sustainability reports. Gough noted that the focus of the report is on the value of the Crown Estate´s work and on inspiring business customers to follow the same path. Over the next three years the organisation will be working on further integration, he added.
According to Gough, integrated reporting was just the natural next step for the Crown Estate, since it had already discussed some of the figures with customers. Gough believes that the organisation should use its influence and act as a catalyst for businesses to take on integrated reporting.

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