Content marketing seen as key feature for business

by Stratton Craig

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Content marketing is gathering pace in the UK, as more than three quarters of brand managers, agencies and media companies consider it a matter of importance for business, according to the findings from a new survey conducted by Econsultancy and online services provider Outbrain.

Although the vast majority of respondents realise the potential benefits of a well-developed content marketing strategy and 91% of them in fact use some content marketing in their mix, more than half of them are still trying to figure out the best strategy for their business, the poll found.

The respondents largely agree that content marketing is going to play an even more important role next year. While 93% of agencies and consultancies share this opinion, the figure drops slightly to 90% among brand managers.

At the current time 38% claim that their organisation has a content marketing strategy in place, while 55% are working on the matter. Some 8% of respondents say that their organisations have no plans to develop and invest in the field at this stage.

The poll reveals that social media is the most common channel for content marketing, with 83% of brand managers posting on such sites, followed by email newsletters, which 78% of respondents send. Some two thirds run news and articles on their own sites, 64% use press releases and PR articles and 63% post on blogs. Online video is used by more than half of those polled, the survey shows.

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