Content Marketing Predicted To Rise In Volume, Importance

by Stratton Craig

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According to recent data from the Content Marketing Association (CMA) budgets for content marketing are set to rise over the course of this year, as more and more marketers realise the potential of this relatively new industry.

The growth of content marketing has been driven by the increasing popularity of digital platforms like blogs, social networking sites and share sites like YouTube, which allow brands to interact with consumers on a regular basis. The widespread adoption of such platforms means that 70% of the whole UK adult population will be exposed to content marketing, the CMA calculates. What is even more important to consider is the fact that almost two in three consumers say they are likely to develop a more positive attitude towards brands that engage in content marketing.

As a response to growing consumer demand, three quarters of UK marketers intend to hike or maintain their content marketing spending in the months to come, with predictions for these budgets to reach 20% of all marketing spend in 12 months.

However, specialists in the field advise marketers not to plunge into it, at least not before they have fully considered the implications of allocating resources to a marketing discipline they are not entirely familiar with.

The CMA´s chief operating officer Julia Hutchison warns that brands should be very careful when drawing up their content marketing strategies, as a poorly designed campaign may provoke negative reactions from consumers and damage brand reputation. She recommends that brands turn to communications and content specialists, instead of relying on their marketing teams.

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