The challenge

As one of the UK’s leading construction and facilities companies, VINCI Construction UK communicates with a diverse audience of employees, contractors, clients and investors about a wide range of projects.

The company approached us to help them better communicate their many successes through their company magazine.

The solution

Our team interviewed internal and external stakeholders in order to ensure the articles had the right level of insight, expertise and focus.

VINCI wanted the publication to appeal to every part of its broad audience. As a result, the subject matter spanned project summaries, company news, interviews and articles on industry-specific scientific advances and the company’s charity work. As well as writing feature articles, we edited articles written internally to ensure every word was consistent and compelling.

We also helped VINCI write a book detailing the company’s contribution to the Building Schools for the Future project in Sheffield. The government initiative aimed to rebuild or renovate every school in the city. Through our close collaboration with their team, we were able to deliver a high-quality and engaging coffee-table book telling the story of each school.

The results

The team at VINCI was so pleased with the quality of our written articles, and the way we had been able to integrate our skills and expertise into their project management processes, that they asked us to work with them on a range of other projects, including their first integrated annual report.