Messaging, TOV and strategy development for Vestas

“Stratton Craig did a great job in translating our thoughts and ambitions for Vestas’ identity into a tone of voice that made our company narrative and the guidelines tangible and relatable to our employees.”

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The challenge

Vestas was looking to improve its existing messaging frameworks, so it turned to Stratton Craig for tone of voice and strategic expert support.

The solution

Stratton Craig carried out interviews with Vestas’ senior executive team to get to grips with its positioning and expertise. This process helped us develop clear and distinct tone of voice guidelines that matched the company’s brand values.

We also worked with Vestas to develop the messaging around its strategy, helping with positioning statements, messaging houses and tangible guidance documentation.

Our tone of voice expert also produced a webinar that offered insights and talked through practical examples of the guidelines in the use.

The results

We are Vestas’ ongoing copywriting partner and regularly copyedit various collateral including CEO emails, press releases, brochure and sustainability reports. Our webinar has been shared company-wide to help ensure all Vestas’ employees are well informed about how to write in the Vestas way.