To tweet or not to tweet? That is the question!

by Stratton Craig

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Everyone’s talking about social media. The likes of Facebook and Twitter have invaded our lives so completely and within such a short amount of time that they seem to have taken people by surprise.

Businesses are no exception to this. For some time after the rise of social media, the emerging potential digital market was left relatively untapped. These days we can all agree that this is certainly not the case, but is it possible that businesses have had a knee-jerk reaction to digital communications? Should we be spending more time understanding the ecology of Twitter and Facebook and less time simply ensuring that a brand is seen to be using such technologies?

All too often we see corporate Twitter and Facebook accounts with no human interest, simply used as another platform to shout about themselves, companies who have forgotten the crucial ‘social’ aspect of social media. Consumers will only follow or add large companies if they feel they will get something out of it that they can’t get elsewhere; whether this is a glimpse into the personal life of a corporate CEO, or insight into an industry that they want to know more about. Essentially, social media must offer something of value to consumers, for free. And the cost to businesses is really only the time it takes to tweet.

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