Five ways great copy can make your business stand out

by Stratton Craig

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Effective, compelling content is often the difference between gaining the attention of a potential customer and losing them forever. Here are our top five tips to writing great copy that will improve your bottom line.
1.  It’s not you, it’s me
One of the most powerful things great copywriting does is to make your product or service all about the customer. Your words should remind the customer of their needs and really sell the benefits they’ll experience. People don’t buy products after all – they buy the benefits the product brings.
2.  Optimised for Google
Get noticed, read and shared by making sure your content is SEO ready. It takes originality and creativity to stand out, and copy that brings your business to life will help you do just that. Accessible, user-focused content and cunning use of keywords are your most important tools in boosting traffic and ultimately increasing sales.
3.  Target your ideal customer
Your copy should convey the personality of your business and connect directly with your ideal customer. Effective copy is written to speak to a specific audience and uses language that your customers would use. Targeting high value customers improves your bottom line by enhancing your ROI.
4. Call to action
You could have all the traffic in the world but if no-one clicks ‘Buy Now’ then your efforts will have been in vain. Compelling copy persuades customers of the benefits of a product and then makes it easy for them to take the next step. Improve your conversion rate by making sure your call to action is loud and clear.
5. Find your tone of voice
Does your copy need a serious makeover or do you just need a little refresher on the basics? Why not try a copywriting or tone of voice workshop created especially with you in mind? That’s what we do at Stratton Craig, and we’ve already helped businesses from a range of sectors including market research, financial services, technology, retail and even the government. It’s a seriously smart and cost-effective way to make sure your writing is on point and hey, it’s even fun! Get in touch or leave us a comment below if you want to find out how we can help you.  

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