Five reasons why your company blog is failing

by Stratton Craig

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Blogs are a great way of building a following for your business. They give you the chance to broadcast your voice to the wider world as well as explain what your services are and how they can help people.
But not all blogs are successful; in fact many don’t gain the readership they should do. The reason? Because readers don’t return on a regular basis. We’ve outlined five key reasons why this might be happening below.
1.       Not having a clear aim
All blogs need a purpose. Before you start writing and publishing you need to sit down and work out a plan, assessing your target audience as well as establishing some goals. It also requires dedication. Treat it like any other important task and your hard work will see clear rewards.
2.       Disorganisation
If your blog is hard to read it will not attract return visitors. Use relevant tags and categories so that people can easily search for your content. You also need to make sure your blogposts are well organised and structured. Try splitting the text up with bullet points/sub heads/pictures/anything that will keep the reader engaged and interested.
3.       No motivation
Motivation works both ways: you need to be motivated in producing the content and the reader needs to be motivated by the words. Make sure you offer a reason to return, whether it is a teaser for the next blog or the promise of a new product.
4.       No engagement
Make sure you reply to comments and build a relationship with your readers. if they’re feeling loved, they’re more likely to want to return. Showing off your social media presence is also important. Letting people know how many followers or likes you’ve got on Twitter and Facebook will help you build a brand and prove to people that you can be trusted.
5.       Forgetting who you are
This is crucial. Readers initially found your blog because they liked who you were and what you sounded like, so don’t forget this. Make the content unique and allow your personality to shine through. Consider also sending regular newsletters to your subscribers so you’re always in their inbox – and on their minds.
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