Bringing structure and transparency to Jim Thompson’s annual report

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The challenge

Jim Thompson is an iconic global lifestyle brand from Thailand, renowned for its high-quality silk fabrics. Its leadership team had gathered input for its annual report, but it lacked a coherent narrative and style. The team asked for our help to tell the story in a more compelling way and to give the report a more consistent tone.

The solution

This project was more than a copyedit. The report needed a clearer structure and additional storytelling to emphasise the impact of various initiatives, so our strategist ran interviews with key team members to help prioritise the content. Once the client was happy with the structure, our writer edited all content to make it more succinct and consistent in style.

The results

After a challenging year, Jim Thompson’s annual report needed to instil confidence in stakeholders. By bringing transparency to the report, we helped the leadership team to clearly explain their decisions and vision for the future.