Helping CSEM communicate its solutions to a more diverse audience

“We particularly appreciated the time Stratton Craig took to understand who we were and who we were talking to, during a high-quality tone of voice workshop. The whole team was very professional and kind, and the project management was handled perfectly. We feel privileged to have trusted partners like Stratton Craig!”

Géraldine Martin, Digital Communications Manager, CSEM 

Services: Tone of voice
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The challenge

CSEM is a non-profit, internationally recognised Swiss technology innovation centre. Bridging the academic and commercial world, it has a diverse audience with different levels of subject matter understanding. When we started working with CSEM, its content often focused on the science behind its solutions. We were invited to help draw out the transformative nature of its work through tone of voice development and a project to refresh its website content.  

The solution

Working closely with the CSEM team, we homed in on the way it supports clients and opens possibilities for the future. These findings formed the basis of the tone of voice principles, which focused on the impact of its work and the client experience. 

We then rewrote 40 pages of the website in the new tone of voice, with an emphasis on drawing out the real-world impacts of CSEM’s research. Collaboration was a key part of our process. Our team shared insight with CSEM on language, while we gathered input from their scientists and subject matter experts to help us drill into the technical side of the content.  

The results

We’ve helped CSEM develop a more fitting and succinct way of describing its niche in the market and its mission to support Swiss companies’ innovation operations and strengthen the Swiss economy through collaboration with leading universities, research institutes and industrial partners.