Annual report writing for Christie Group

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The challenge

Christie Group, a leading professional and financial services firm, asked us to assist in drafting their Review of the Year and the Divisional Review of its annual report. The group has multiple trading brands, each with its own story to tell. And our challenge was to bring these stories together under one theme. 

The solution

We selected one of our specialist finance writers who has decades of experience in annual report writing for the project. Our writer held interviews with key stakeholders, both in person and over the phone, before writing. We heard first-hand how the year had been for the group and the trading businesses within it, ensuring we had an authentic and honest picture.  

By choosing one of our finance specialists, we could quickly decipher the information and find the narrative in all the numbers, processes and results across the entire group. 

The results

We have worked on Christie Group’s annual report for the last two years. Our account managers arrange the interviews, alleviating pressure on Christie Group’s team. It is a process we’ve followed each year, keeping the delivery simple, seamless and successful.