Head of Copy & Strategy

Claire is a communications professional with over 17 years’ experience. She earned her stripes in marketing and communications roles with large financial services firms, most recently as Head of Communications for AMP Capital in Sydney. She enjoys nothing more than using words to simplify complex ideas and make them accessible for all audiences.

Claire has an instinct for great content which works hand in glove with the commercial skills she has honed in her corporate roles. As Stratton Craig’s Content Strategy Director, she works with our clients to design fully integrated communications strategies which support their goals – helping them to create high quality, engaging communications and content time and again.

An unashamed word-worm, when she’s not spending time with her family or squeezing in a yoga class, Claire can be found in her garden, where she is learning about northern hemisphere plants – first lesson: deciduous is not the same as dead. Her superpower is finding the funny side to any situation.

Claire's Articles

Communicating in the dark – Crisis comms you can’t plan for

Crisis comms planning is something communications professionals do diligently, while hoping that we’ll never need to put our plans into action. Like having a solid wet weather plan for a...

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The right words can… build trust in an untrusting world

The Edelman Trust Barometer released last month confirmed ethics and integrity are becoming increasingly important to stakeholders. We’ve seen this play out in interesting ways in our clients’ communications. The Edelman...

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Financial report writing – Art, science, or a bit of both?

The dreaded annual report – so often the yearly blackspot in the corporate affairs team’s (already stretched) workload. When you’re the one grappling with the finance team to nail down the...

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