Helping Kent State University define their Tone of Voice

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The challenge

Kent State University School of Fashion attracts creative students from across the world. When a director joined with a new vision, the School needed to refresh its communications to bring them in line with its values and work harder to resonate with its varied international audience.

We were asked to create a new tone of voice that would better reflect the School and to rewrite web copy to ensure it was consistent with the new values and style.

The solution

Through competitor analysis, content audits and an interactive
workshop, we identified the School’s values and the way it wanted to be perceived by audiences.

Using these insights, we created a new tone of voice that highlighted its inclusivity, authenticity and confident nature to inspire the passion within prospective fashion students.

Once established, we implemented the tone across the website to ensure consistency while also thinning out the detail to make the copy more concise and impactful.

The results

Our tone of voice work helped Kent State University School of Fashion better reflect its values and beliefs through language.

Armed with this style and a new website that showcases the real student experience, the School is now in a stronger position to fill the role of a leading international fashion school.