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Your business is all about making your clients’ lives easier, and their businesses more productive. When it comes to creating engaging content that helps your sales team convert leads into MMR, that’s what we’re all about too.

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You do SaaS. We do CaaS.

SaaS is a market that creates hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue every year. It is also extremely competitive, with young tech disruptors and multinational giants vying to reach the same audiences. Standing out in the crowd requires a great solution, but a distinctive tone of voice, great content and a rock-solid content strategy go a long way too.

We’ve taken a lot of inspiration from our SaaS clients over the years, as well as the innovations across the sector in general. In fact, our own Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) offers scalable content services that deliver predictability of cost and impact.

Introducing Content-as-a-Service

CaaS is a package of flexible content services based on a subscription model that gives you predictable costs and on-demand writing, proofing and strategic capacity. It ensures you always have access to expert SaaS copywriters and strategists as and when you need them.

CaaS is designed to solve two big challenges that our B2B tech clients face: lack of internal capability and getting the most value out of their content. You not only get a specialist content team that can handle hyper specialisation and complex systems as well as engage a broader audience, but also seamless account and project management and regular reporting. We want to ensure your investment in content creates the right results.

Scalable content support

Whether you need ongoing support or help with a single project, we have the tech and content expertise to help you scale and grow your MMR. We can add value at every stage of your content journey, from nailing the initial strategy and finding your tone of voice to creating workflows that support your sales team with a steady stream of engaging blogs, whitepapers, marketing collateral and internal comms. Whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Ready to integrate

Our experience as a SaaS copywriting agency means that we can plug right into your teams to streamline your processes, maximise your budget and deliver on your KPIs and strategic objectives. We’ll work with your stakeholders and experts to make sure we understand the hyper specialisation of your business, the specific technical language of your niche and your audience inside out. This is how we make sure we can generate leads, support existing customers and help you secure more MMR.

Great content helps you strengthen your position in a crowded market and create stronger relationships with potential leads and existing customers. With our team of B2B and SaaS experts working away in the background, you can make better use of your internal resources scaling your solutions, reducing churn and driving growth.

Fully outsourced and always on

The genius of SaaS as a B2B tech solution is that it removes the need for companies to purchase, operate and maintain the hardware needed to grow their offerings and support their user base. Instead, they can focus on creating great products, winning over clients and all the other good stuff. We think it should be the same with content – that’s why we can take the content creation process off your desk.

We can add value on a range of services:

  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Messaging frameworks
  • In-app copy
  • Automated email workflows
  • Blog content
  • Corporate reports
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Business catalogues and case studies.

We are an experienced SaaS copywriting agency, full of expert writers who know how to balance your need for hyper specialisation with communicating about your technology to a wide range of audiences. Whether you want to win new customers, support those you already have or assure your stakeholders, we can help.

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