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by Stratton Craig

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Companies are now using digital communications to connect with customers who were previously out of their reach, including international audiences. However, the best digital marketing strategies achieve more than directing traffic to a company’s website, or recruiting followers to social media pages.
The Swedish branch of UNICEF recently identified a problem with its social media strategy: the Facebook page had attracted more than 180,000 ‘likes’, and the Twitter account around 10,000 followers, but very few of these digital supporters were donating money.
A campaign was launched to counteract this, with the tagline ‘Likes don’t save lives. Money does’.
Converting attention to income is important, whatever service or product a company is offering. We’ve compiled a list of ways that you can improve conversions, even if you are working to a tight budget.
Provide free, well-researched content. Digital browsers have access to an entire world of products, services and information, so persuading them to buy from your company is difficult. An engaging tone is appealing, and offering free, helpful content to your visitors is equally valuable to your company. Visitors who receive beneficial information are more likely to trust and make use of your paid services.
Understand what your audience is looking for. Study the recipients of your digital communications, and consider what they are looking for when they browse the internet. If you occupy a niche market your visitors might be interested in blog posts offering guidance. If you’re in a digitally competitive industry (such as fashion, or leisure and tourism) they could be after exclusive offers.
Engage with your digital visitors. Do not simply promote your company. By ensuring your content is informative, diverse and interesting, you can interact with visitors. This is particularly important for direct messages, or responses to queries and complaints. Personalising these communications shows your followers that you value their input, and will help you build relationships with them.
Limit your use of promotional messages. Posting too many sales messages on your Facebook page, or frequently emailing promotions to your followers, is likely to drive them away. Mixing a limited number of sales communications with useful content and an engaging tone will make them appear more interesting and readable.
Offer exclusive benefits to your digital followers. When you do post promotions or sales messages online, include special benefits for your digital followers. Rewarding them for interacting with you invites future engagement.
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