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The right content can take you round the world

Time zones don’t stop us writing great copy.

In today’s globalised marketplace, the delivery of clear, compelling written communications that transcend national and cultural barriers is essential to international business success. For companies that want to compete on the global stage, communicating consistently to multiple audiences while retaining brand cohesion is critical to long-term commercial growth. This isn’t about talking in bland ‘business speak’, but finding effective ways to grab the attention of interested people, no matter where they are.

Organisations with offices in different parts of the world can struggle to achieve consistency and clarity of communications, and global discrepancies in quality and message due to translation can dilute a company’s brand equity.

At Stratton Craig, we help organisations develop and maintain their brand proposition and tone of voice across different countries and cultures.


Drawing on our team of experienced writers, editors and brand and subject specialists, we work to ensure that communication in all languages is engaging and coherent, and reinforces company messages the world over.

Whether you’re a large multinational looking for consistency of brand communications on a global scale, or a small company based overseas looking to communicate in multiple languages, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you achieve your objectives. Whatever your requirements, we’ll work closely with your team to understand your existing messages, priorities and target audiences. Once we’ve got under the skin of your business, we can provide a range of high-quality communications services, including copywriting, digital content and translation.

Our recent clients include organisations in Switzerland, Mexico, Hong Kong, Qatar and France, plus leading UK companies with international reach, such as KPMG, Vodafone, Mammoet, Hitachi, Clifford Chance and VINCI Construction UK. Whether it’s providing magazines in many languages for a petrochemical company in the Arabian Peninsula, conference materials for a major European bank, or translation and editorial services for a Russian organisation, our international experience allows us to work proficiently with multiple offices from different time zones. Whoever you want to reach, however you want to reach them, we can help you ensure nothing gets lost in translation.


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