Print isn’t dead as a marketing tool

by Stratton Craig

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The notion that print publications will soon cease to exist is an almost universally held belief, with internet-connected devices making ink and paper archaic tools.
Many businesses are choosing to increase their digital ad budgets while phasing out physical brochures and dropping direct mail completely, but what does this mean for the now non-traditional marketing vessel of print?
For firms who choose to keep it amongst their promotional itinerary, advantages remain:
There’s no need to shout loudest
Spam is the new junk mail, clogging up our inboxes rather than our door mats. As a result, people’s acceptance of printed promotions is increasing, and conversions are still a real possibility with the right message. With less competition there is no need to shout the loudest to get your point across, and with compelling copy your message can be whispered and still have a big impact.
The draw of a tangible item
Each day it seems we become more and more entrenched in the digital world, with internet connectivity now even possible on London Underground platforms. Digital is now the dominant platform for many promotions, but by deviating from the norm it’s possible to stimulate intrigue amongst potential customers. Print hasn’t become obsolete, it’s just viewed differently by audiences, and messages need to be adapted as a result.
Greater targeting
With tangible marketing collateral, you can choose precisely where it is placed to maximise its potential. Posters, flyers and brochures can be positioned at destinations you know your customers frequent, whereas the digital world is a vast landscape where people don’t stand still for long. Publications on related niche topics allow you to reach audiences with a specific interest in your product or service, and more impactful language can be used as you don’t necessarily need to cater to the layman.
Print may no longer be the cool kid on the block, but it’s now unconventional label could be the catalyst for a resurge when marketers rediscover its benefits. As much as the medium changes, one key element will remain – the need to choose the right words for the right audience.
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