No easy way to keep customers loyal

by Stratton Craig

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Keeping your customers loyal isn’t easy. Consumers and companies are faced with an unprecedented variety of options when choosing where to buy products and services, and public trust in businesses remains low. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to offer customers the best value every time, so ensuring that they continue to choose you takes more than just low prices.
You can inspire customer loyalty in a variety of ways. At Stratton Craig we excel at doing so for our clients by improving their written communications, often digitally. Homebase takes a different approach, and has decided to make dramatic physical changes to its stores. £1 million refurbishments have already been implemented in nine stores, where staff have also been trained to carry out home and garden services.
By investing in services as well as products, Homebase plans to increase customer loyalty by providing them with a one-stop-shop for home improvements. Managing Director Paul Loft has claimed that the new strategy is working well, and has already resulted in a sales increase of 20 percent in the nine adapted stores.*
We don’t know much about home improvements, but when it comes to boosting customer loyalty our digital copywriting services have an excellent track record. Not every company can invest millions into its stores, and even those that can are increasingly recognising the importance of an online presence in winning, and keeping, customers.
The internet is the most competitive sphere for a business to operate in: if a browser doesn’t like your website or products, they can escape to one of your rivals with the click of a button. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to build an online relationship with their customers. You could do this by providing them with useful and interesting blog posts and industry news on a regular feed. Or you might focus on using social media to build up a rapport with consumers, while ensuring that you quickly and courteously address any complaints.
There’s no golden ticket to increasing customer loyalty, but treating all of your existing and potential clients with as good a service online as you’d provide in person is a great start. To find out how we can enhance your written communications, please contact the Stratton Craig team today.


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