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The right feed can keep you ahead of the curve

Listen first. Talk second. Create news that you know people want to read and share. Adding a custom news feed to your website is one of the easiest and most user-friendly ways to constantly generate fresh, relevant and unique content.

Our SEO copywriters will create content for daily, weekly or monthly updates to your feed, generating interesting, useful and engaging information for your audience and benefiting you in a number of ways.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)
By adding fresh and relevant content to your site regularly, you’ll find Google starts indexing your pages more frequently, helping you to climb the rankings. Our copywriters also research each news story and write it specifically for you. As a blog writing agency, we know the messages that are most important to your audience and we can write the story in your brand’s tone of voice. Not only is this better for your brand, but it’ll also help you avoid issues of duplication.

Improving your online presence
Your unique news feed helps your audience find your site online, but it’ll also keep them reading once they’ve landed. By ensuring content is relevant to your clients or customers, news feeds keep them on your site for longer, giving you a better opportunity to introduce them to your full range of services and interests. And once they’re aware of the knowledge you’re sharing, they’ll return regularly too.

Use your news content elsewhere too
Our blog writing service can get your news feed is up and running, and then it can form the basis of content for social media and PR activity. This saves you time and money and helps ensure your online presence is coherent and consistent. Now, you’re leading the conversation, rather than listening in.

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