How good content can build business resilience

by Anna Fozzard

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Resilience has been the name of the game for 2020. And it looks as though it will be just as vital for surviving challenges and thriving when new opportunities arise in 2021. So, how can content writing help?

The year 2020 will always be remembered. Not just in the history books, but in the narratives of every contemporary business. For some, it will be marked as the most challenging year, but for others, it will be the beginning of a new chapter of success.

In the year we stayed home and slowed down, healthcare companies, supermarkets, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Netflix, Zoom, Hermes, DPD and Royal Mail have been busier than ever. Select businesses in struggling sectors like hospitality and leisure have also found their own way to stay in demand. We’ve seen small independent shops break into the online shopping world, bookshops delivering great reads to doorsteps, and local wine bars creating virtual tasting parties. In Bristol, four hospitality businesses joined together to create a large and very popular outdoor eating venue, employing over 100 people to make it happen.

All these businesses share a common trait: resilience. If they’re not essential to keep the country running, then they’ve certainly been adaptable. And it’s this adaptability that has enabled so many businesses to survive this year.

Adaptability – the key ingredient in resilience

Few organisations can be essential 100% of the time. But being adaptable means businesses can evolve to changing situations, and they benefit from more than just survival:

  • Relevance – No matter where trends or markets are heading, you can evolve and find a way to thrive.
  • Brand loyalty – By building a loyal following, you can retain customers as your business changes direction.
  • Ready for growth – When you’ve adapted to a situation, you’ll be in a prime position to scale as soon as the tide turns.

Using content to be more resilient

Previous recessions hold some clues about how businesses can be resilient. McKinsey researched ways in which companies have weathered economic storms, and one method stood out: focusing on growth.

For us, content holds the answer to growth. It’s a tool at every business’s disposal that helps build resilience. Use your content wisely and you can stay relevant and position your business for growth. Here’s how:

  • Stay in touchDigital content is more important than ever. With fewer people seeing ads in person, communicating with your audience online on lots of platforms is essential for reaching more eyes.
  • Build a strong brand Content writing can showcase your brand’s personality and attract the loyal following you need for growth.
  • Create a connection – Clever content builds a connection with your audience, helping you stay relevant whether you’re facing challenges or high demand.
  • Find opportunities – You can use content to gather insights from your audience on new ways to expand your offering.
  • Forge alliances – By combining your online presence with that of other businesses, you can grow your reach and assemble a strong network.
  • Build internal resilience – Companies often overlook the power of internal marketing, but it’s vital for bringing teams together to work towards a shared vision.


Planning for 2021 may feel like an impossible task. That’s why we’re encouraging our clients to focus on resilience, so they’re ready for anything the year throws our way. For our recommendations on building robust communications that put you in pole position for growth, get in touch with our team of expert content strategists and copywriters.


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