Ad of the Week – Tetley ‘Quality Cuppas’

by Stratton Craig

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This year is the 175th anniversary of Tetley tea, and the brand is naturally taking a ‘heritage’ approach with their latest campaign.

There’s something about the good old British brew that’s heart-warming even before you take a sip. As we say, ‘a nice cup of tea’ is a comfort – a cosy, relaxing magic potion to recharge our batteries with.
Tetley deliberately uses the lovely and cosy term ‘cuppa’ for the most part, as does competitor Ty.phoo. ‘Brew’ is much more commonly used by Yorkshire Tea, and PG Tips is generally straightforward enough to just call it ‘a cup of tea’. It’s always interesting to see the direction brands take with their copywriting and which words they feel match the target audience.
No matter which English dialect you speak in, you know a good beverage when you drink one. Several tea companies position themselves on just how carefully they pick their blends and how extensively they’re tasted for quality. The latest Tetley ad’s a little odd in that sense: the line ‘…we’ve spent 175 years crafting the perfect cuppa’ arguably implies that in previous years it was still a work in progress. Even so, it’s an effective way to emphasise the long history of the brand and the humble Tetley teabag.
The mix of serious, heritage-style copy like‘You’ve got to earn the right to be called Tetley’ and the softer ‘Blended ‘til it’s lovely’ main slogan creates a nice juxtaposition of the serious business of tea making and the friendly Tetley tone of voice. It almost makes us want to go and put the kettle on right now…
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