/ Tone of voice

The right journey can find your distinctive voice

Your business is distinct from any other. Its voice should be too. We’ll work with you to find a voice that’s authentic to your brand and your people – and that your customers will respond to. Then we’ll inspire your people to use it with activation programmes designed to disrupt old ways of thinking, speaking and writing. This will set the foundations for content, stories and conversations that communicate consistent messages in your distinctive voice.

What sets you apart from your main competitor? It could be the way you communicate, so make sure you’re the one communicating well. Our tone of voice and brand language specialists will get to the heart of your story. Through workshops, research and stakeholder engagement, we’ll help you reassess who you are and what it is that sets you apart.

We’ll look at how you use language and suggest new ways of expressing your brand and key messages. We’ll work with you to define your vision, mission and values, and help you create a tone of voice that resonates with your identity and objectives. We can also give you instant momentum with practical guidelines and language activation sessions, both designed to ensure everyone in your organisation tells your story clearly and consistently.

Once established, your tone of voice will empower your business to speak from the same place, using the language and subtle nuances that turn customers into brand champions.

In fact, your verbal identity can ripple across every area of your written communications. Verbal identity encompasses every use and aspect of language, including tone of voice, consistency of messaging and brand personality – and it’s something else we can help you to get right.

And we’ll oversee the application and roll-out to key stakeholders and customers, using a hand-picked team of copywriters, trainers and activation specialists. In short, Stratton Craig will allow you to find yourself (again) and help you tell the world.

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