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Tone of voice copywriting

The right journey can find your distinctive voice

Tone of voice agency

Finding words that describe your brand with clarity and precision is no easy task. Seeking support from a tone of voice copywriting agency can help you to nail your brand identity and find your own distinctive voice.

Developing a tone of voice for your brand that is truly authentic is seldom straightforward. It’s an inherently demanding process, requiring clarity of direction combined with creative vision and rigorous research.

Innovating a tone of voice that fits your brand personality occupies precious resources. Intensive thinking, stakeholder liaison and experimentation is required just to get ideas off the ground. But that’s only the first step. Once you’ve produced a new verbal identity for your brand, you need it to roll it out to all corners of your business. That’s when it pays to solicit support from people who have plenty of experience in tone of voice strategy.

Our tone of voice copywriting services

Our services can help you to calibrate a unique voice for your brand. Alongside your team, we will conduct workshops and stakeholder engagement sessions that will help us to capture the ethos of your business. Our meticulous research will make sure that every word that we write is in tune with your brand’s vision, mission and values. But our work doesn’t finish there. We’ll inspire people to use your new brand language, by leading activation programmes that we have designed to disrupt old ways of thinking, speaking and writing. This will set the foundations for content, narratives and conversations that are communicated in your distinctive tone. And we’ll oversee the application and roll-out to key stakeholders and customers, using a hand-picked team of copywriters, trainers and activation specialists. That way, we can ensure that your new brand vocabulary delivers value for your company.

Our team of tone of voice copywriters

Our Content Strategy Director, Claire, is an expert in crafting tone of voice content. With over 15 years of experience in strategic communications under her belt, she can help create a verbal identity for your brand that resonates with your target audience. At Stratton Craig, we have a host of in-house talent that specialises in honing tone of voice communications. Whatever your industry, we know how to find the words that compel the people that matter.


Language Activation

We can help turn your brand language into everyday action. How? With lively, action-packed sessions hosted by brand consultants, artists and professional actors. Our team will run drills and role-plays to train your people in the best use of your brand language. Rather than reading about your tone of voice, your people will have the opportunity to live it, breathe it and then knock it out of the park.

Your logo, strapline and strategy are all living, vital things. But it’s your people who make them come alive in the real world. These human interactions generate the energy that will drive exceptional customer experiences – and directly boost your brand performance.

This approach really does raise standards. Your people, and your leaders, in particular, will gain the confidence to harness their strengths and inject their own personality into the way they communicate with customers.

If trust is the new business currency, then Language Activation can help you gain the dividends. We’ll adapt our training to suit your specific goals.