Campaign of the week: Evian #liveyoungjanuary

by Stratton Craig

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Dynamic bottled water brand Evian has launched their latest ad campaign to help you fight the winter blues, revivifying their “live young” campaign. The brand is perhaps most famous for their ads featuring dancing babies, and they once again employ cherub-faced infants alongside their adult equivalent, urging the audience to embrace their youthful side.
Launching on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #liveyoungjanuary, the new campaign suggests actions such as asking your granny for a piggyback or playing sleeping lions at work to liven up the New Year.
The promotion will be used across Europe as well as in the US and China, focusing heavily on digital mediums. In London, the digital ads are clearly targeted at professionals returning to work, featuring on screens at ten London train stations and escalator panels at six major underground stations. This approach, coupled with a strong social media presence and press features, is a deliberate and effective tactic to reach the target audience when they are at their most vulnerable.
The continued emergence of Wi-Fi at underground stations and the strong appeal of commuter publications means that most professionals are always consuming some form of media during their travels. By targeting such mediums, Evian is able to reach their audience during the cold, grey trudge into work when spirits are low. Not only does this give the campaign greater impact by offering a timely morale boost, it also suggests the brand cares about its audience – a theme evident in their previous ads.
Copywriting is about engaging with the reader and stimulating a desired response from them. Evian’s #liveyoungJanuary campaign does this effectively and in a straightforward manner, creating action through association with the ad’s message and not a direct call to action.
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