Writer’s blockdown? Let’s fix that

by Anna Fozzard

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When you’ve been looking at the same four walls for the past however many weeks, writer’s block becomes frustratingly real. If you’ve been typing frantically and getting nowhere, we hear you.
But now that we’re all settling into our new desk setups, we’re finding our own tricks for staying motivated during the lockdown. We can’t all create a writer’s studio at the bottom of our gardens where the tweeting robins and growing roses will inspire us. But we can all do these mind-revving tricks from our kitchen tables.

Have a KitKat

Okay, I’m only a few lines into this blog and I’m already thinking about taking a break. But give it a couple of hours and it will be needed.
When you’re working from home, it’s more tempting than ever to make a quick sarnie and type while you eat rather than taking a lunch break. However, your writing will suffer. Your brain needs a rest. So, go for a walk, read your book, do a wordy puzzle or get your dinner prepped. Or if 15-mins of shuteye gives you a buzz of energy when you wake up, go for it – you might not be able to when you’re back in the office.

Set a no-phone timer

Sorry to sound like your teacher, but there’s a reason why phones are banned in the classroom. It’s just way too tempting to have a quick check of this and that, which only distracts you from your writing. Set yourself a timer, during which you can’t look at your phone (unless it rings). Yes, it’s boring, but it does work, especially if you want to get something written quickly.

Pick up the phone

That sounds a bit contrary, but let me be clear, what we’re saying here is call your colleagues. If you’re feeling a bit demotivated or something’s on your mind, talking to someone else facing the same challenges can help.
We also try to do as many briefings as possible over the phone. It helps to clarify our thinking and keep the social aspect of our days alive. Turns out, tittle-tattle in the office gave us a lift when we needed it (but luckily we’re still sharing funny memes).

Keep a notepad handy

Anyone else finding the shopping list is all that enters your mind when you’re trying to write a chunky piece of content? If you’re the same, keep a notepad and pen next to you. Jotting down these thoughts helps clear your mind so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Moping in your PJs?

Jeans in lockdown might have you wincing, but if you’re feeling a bit down in the doldrums then putting on something nice can help you feel back in the game. Something as simple as putting a brush through your hair can make you feel more ‘ready for the day’ as it were.

Just call it a day

If it’s passed 6pm and you’re still trying to write something, it’s probably time to close the laptop. Perhaps it’s better to park it for the night and get up a bit earlier to finish it off when you have fresh eyes.
If you’ve got some motivation tips of your own, please share them – the more the merrier. Just leave a comment below.
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