What To Consider When Posting Content On Social Media

by Stratton Craig

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Content marketing is steadily growing in popularity with marketers and they all know that once content is created, it must be shared with the public. One of the possible arenas for delivering content is social media, but are all marketers aware of the steps they should follow for their efforts to be rewarded with strong engagement? Here are some of the rules organisations should stick to in order to provide relevant and compelling content, as suggested by Gerry Moran in a post for Business 2 Community.
Before publishing any content, marketers need to be sure that it’s interesting enough and consumers will be happy to share it. Making content sharable also requires wrapping it in the right form, which means that the number of characters contained in a message also matters.
Facilitating sharing behaviour can also be achieved by providing content strictly oriented to a certain audience. Trying to understand what consumers´ preferences are or asking them to do something that is typical for their community are techniques that will keep the public attuned, since providing them with information not relevant to their lifestyle will most likely make them leave.
When devising a campaign intended to promote an event, asset or sale, it should also add value for readers. As such, marketers should always seek to integrate value into their promotional initiatives and make sure that readers can find it.
Finally, simplicity is a key component of a successful marketing campaign. People prefer to see simple, clear ideas and  messages, anything too complex will just take time without producing the desired results.

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