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by Darren Clare

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As websites become faster, slicker, and more fun to explore – it’s easy to think that copy matters less than the UX and overall design. After all, attention spans are shorter, and consumers increasingly want to get from A to B in the fastest time possible. Over the last few years, this has led to a laser-like focus on UX, sometimes to the detriment of the actual content. You may be wondering why you should bother with website copywriting services at all. Here we explain why content still counts.

1. Shorter copy doesn’t mean less effort is needed

It can be tempting to think that reducing the amount of copy on a page reduces the time needed to create it. However, the opposite is true. With fewer characters to convince your readers, each word has to work harder.

Take fintech startup Letter, for example. The small amount of text on the homepage quickly explains who the product is for, what it provides and why it’s better than their competitors. That’s a lot of creative punch packed into four sentences.

2. You won’t risk diluting your brand

When you have a large, complicated site with multiple contributors – it’s easy for your brand voice to become diluted. You can end up with a patchwork of tones that don’t present a cohesive voice – brand fail number one. By using an agency’s website copywriting services, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that all content will be written by professional writers trained to apply brand guidelines and checked for consistency. So your site can start working as well as say, Virgin Media. Look at this page as an example. It’s a pretty functional page that’s fairly deep into the site. However, you can see the Virgin Media branding shine through in the copy. Sentences like ‘Itching to get your hands on a shiny new phone’? And ‘It’s super easy, and both your wallet and the environment will love you for it!’ capture Virgin’s casual and chatty tone perfectly.

3. You still need to write for search

Keywords and keyphrases aren’t going anywhere soon. And as our search habits get more sophisticated – it’s more important than ever to have a robust SEO strategy in place. With search engine algorithms becoming smarter and more ‘human’ – it’s not enough to stuff your keywords in and hope for the best. Not surprisingly, Hubspot is one of the best at creating valuable content that pushes them up to the top of the rankings. They use their blog to provide swathes of highly informative content, that answers almost any question a marketer may have. This guarantees them top-spot when their intended audience needs to find answers.

 4. It helps you outshine the competition

With website template services like WordPress and Squarespace levelling the field when it comes to creating premium looking websites – you need your copy to set you apart from the crowd. Great UX is important, but it can mean websites start to behave like each other. And it’s easy for it all to become wallpaper in a consumer’s mind. Sharp content will break you free from the sea of identikit sites and outshine the competition. Take Good and Proper Tea. While the site design may not be cutting-edge, the language it uses and how it talks about the brand gives it a distinctive feel.

5. It elevates your brand, increasing your value

You can’t talk about increasing value through your brand without mentioning Apple. While the quality of their products might be debated –the value that the brand has generated is without question. And their copy reinforces their premium status with every word. Each sentence builds on Apple’s image, creating an exclusivity that helps justify the high price tags for their products.

Unlock great website copywriting

Making sure your copy works as hard as your design could be the difference between a skim-read and a new consumer. Our website copywriting services will help you to capture and captivate readers.

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