Twitter´s Vine Has Similar Engagement Rates To YouTube

by Stratton Craig

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Various studies and analyses have suggested that online video content is among the most engaging forms of interaction with consumers. A recent survey from social media analysts SocialBakers compared engagement rates for YouTube videos shared on Twitter and Twitter´s video platform Vine to see which one had more impact on users.
Results showed that when users linked YouTube videos on Twitter the average engagement rate was 0.048%, while Vine videos earned a rate of 0.031%, suggesting that Vine has been catching up on YouTube quite rapidly.
Vine was launched only six months ago but it proved a very successful idea, quickly adopted by users and brands. Twitter´s video app allows users to upload short videos of just six seconds in length and is mostly used on mobile devices.
SocialBakers concluded that mobile has actually contributed vastly to the success of Vine, as it provides users with a very simple and quick way to upload a video on Twitter, without any need for editing or a professional camera. In a previous study, SocialBakers found that two in three Internet users who tweeted about brands did so using a mobile device, so Vine seems to have been a perfect solution for what they were looking for.
For brands, a short video format gives a lot of space for creativity and flexibility. Results from the study suggest that brands could rely on the platform to achieve similar engagement rates as the world´s largest online video sharing site.

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