Three Marketing Trends To Consider For 2013

by Stratton Craig

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The world of marketing is constantly changing and evolving, keeping marketers on their toes, trying to keep track of all the innovations and developments. Here is a short overview of the top three trends for next year, as presented by the Business 2 Community website.

Recently, a multi-channel presence and integration of traditional and digital channels of marketing have become the focal point of many business strategies. This trend is very likely to persist over the next year. Consumers are looking for a fully integrated experience that allows them to connect with brands on a wide range of platforms and businesses should make sure they provide them with this opportunity.

Another key development is the changing “geographical power”. Although markets such as the UK, the US and Australia have not lost their potential, other countries have been catching up lately. China, Russia and Brazil are all in the process of establishing themselves as thriving markets for manufacturers and consumers alike, as the latter try to make the most of the opportunities made available to them.

Lastly, the decreasing capacity of the new generation of workers is expected to impact on marketing in 2013. While demand for capable workers in many areas of marketing is growing, there is a general tendency of skills shortage among young professionals. Combined with youth unemployment and the ageing population, this situation calls for careful analysis and planning as far as human capital goes. Investing in sourcing, training and retaining marketing talent might prove very beneficial for the future, it seems.

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