The Irrefutable Glory of Tone of Voice

by Stratton Craig

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Much like when we speak, in written communications it is not only the words we use that are important, how we use them also makes a big difference.

More and more organisations are paying attention to the role language plays in their brand communications. For example, we recently worked with top design agency, Black Sun, to develop detailed tone of voice guidelines for Tullow Oil.

The power of words is undeniable. By using the right words a brand’s purpose is defined and instilled in the audience’s mind, reaffirming the messages your design says, but also with the potential to say much more.

However, if a company’s use of language is not consistent, the audience will easily become confused and the brand will no longer seem authentic. As much as changing the McDonald’s logo colours to blue and orange would make many consumers think twice, so too would a difference in tone of voice. It’s another way of allowing the consumer to recognise the brand, and an extremely important part of reassuring them of their expectations.

That’s why so many companies are turning to tone of voice revisions, company guidelines and training to help constrain the messages that they are sending out and to keep them consistent with the desired brand identity.

It’s definitely worth a moment’s thought. Transmitting identity, attitudes and values throughout your organisation is important, but encouraging and training employees to then communicate these to clients through all communications is vital to making those efforts go the further mile and reach the consumer without undergoing a round of Chinese whispers first.

If you would like to speak to us about your tone of voice please call Harriette Hobbs on 0117 9371 383 or email [email protected].

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