Only 2 out of 712 people enjoy online shopping and other surprising stats

by Stratton Craig

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Considering the popularity of online shopping and the so-called ‘death of the high street’ that has resulted, this is surprising. So what’s the problem? Simple: Bad content.
In a recent survey of more than 700 people, we asked a series of multiple choice questions* around what good and bad content looks like. The answers were very surprising:

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So how can we make things better for the 710 people who don’t enjoy online shopping? For the men who currently ignore your blog, even though it’s packed with content you’ve written specifically for them? For the older generation who want to use your website but get easily switched off and frustrated when navigation doesn’t work and there’s too much text?
The answers aren’t simple, but they do exist.
When you find yourself looking longingly at other people’s content, remember that a lot of research, analysis, trial and error has gone into making that content good. The brand/author may have failed to engage you 100 times before and has finally cracked it with a decent email subject line, or by mixing up the copy with video clips. That crucial breakthrough will have been achieved by following the ‘golden rules’ of effective content:
Golden rule no. 1: Know your audience.
Golden rule no.2: Learn from your mistakes.
Golden rule no. 3: Never create content for content’s sake.
Engaging online shoppers, for example, is absolutely about convenience. After all, why else would you choose to sit at home, alone, over immersing yourself in the pleasures of a dress boutique or surrounded by walls of the latest sneakers in Niketown?
So does it matter if your shoppers don’t actually enjoy the experience? If they’re buying, they’re buying, so who cares? Your competitors, probably. What’s to stop them identifying your downfalls, exploiting them and giving your customers the nirvana of enjoyment and convenience?
We’ll be sharing other surprising stats and further insight in the #badcontent series here on our blog. If you like to tweet, get involved in the @strattoncraig discussions. Let us know what you like and don’t like; after all, we’re always striving to deliver better content.

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