Online and social media most effective for brand communication

by Stratton Craig

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For an increasing number of brands, communication with consumers mostly takes place on social media, as many marketers believe that social platforms are the most effective channel for building relationships and engaging consumers.
This is one of the key findings from a new survey, carried out by social media analytics software provider Crimson Hexagon. The poll revealed that more than half of the marketers that participated chose online or social media channels as the most effective way to reach their audiences. Both online and social were top choices for 28% of respondents.
Meanwhile, more traditional methods of marketing communications such as cold calling, word of mouth, branding and sponsorship, were each favoured by 3% of respondents. In fact, the only method of communication that came close to the dominance of digital channels was face-to-face communication, which was selected by 19% of those polled.
When asked about the most effective channel for filing complaints, 20% of respondents cited Twitter, 5% chose Facebook and 2% opted for company websites. This puts social and online on par with telephones as the most effective complaint tool, chosen by 27% of respondents.
Commenting on the findings, Curt Bloom, president of Crimson Hexagon, said in a press release that businesses have more trust for digital communications than ever before and there is a growing trust in social platforms in both brands and consumers.

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