Movember’s new look

by Stratton Craig

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Becoming a recognised brand takes considerable work, but provides real benefits. Consumers are more likely to engage with, and buy from, brands that they know and trust, often even if they’re more expensive. But remaining at the top of the market means you have to adapt to new trends and technologies, even if your marketing strategies seem to have been working.
Movember, the anti-cancer fundraising initiative recently illustrated this by unveiling a significant rebrand, and the organisation’s unique new style looks set to win even more followers.
Having focused in previous years on different types of ‘gentlemen’, Movember has now introduced the ‘Generation Mo’ slogan. ‘Gen Mo’ takes advantage of the tendency to name the different generations (X, Y ect), and in doing so should appeal to younger generations who may not be aware of the initiative. The slogan is accompanied by a more contemporary design, incorporating images of the snake, a symbol of healing.
The new slogan and logo offer excellent fundraising potential for Movember, and the organisation is producing a new, refreshed range of merchandise. However slogans only go so far, and a quick look at Movember’s website shows you that the company’s wider digital communications are in line with the new branding strategy. The copy is confident and inclusive – a section of the website entitled ‘The Rules’ outlines ‘what you need to know before you grow; the official rules of Movember.’
A successful rebrand needs to be universal – encompassing the organisation’s designs, marketing strategy and copywriting. At Stratton Craig we provide a diverse range of services, from content writing to copywriting for international audiences. And if you’re undergoing a rebrand or are worried about the consistency of your written communications, we also offer Blueprint workshops to help you find your unique tone of voice.

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