Time to change relationship status with your copywriting agency?

by Darren Clare

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We’ve been working with clients for over 30 years, and, over that time, we’ve seen customer demands for B2B and B2C businesses change almost beyond recognition.
Whilst the need for quality content has always been there, how and when to serve your message is far more complex than it once might have been. The sheer number of competitors swimming in the same pools means communicating with your intended audience is more challenging than ever.
Navigating this complexity demands a level of strategic partnership the traditional copywriting agency/client relationship can lack. The ‘receive a brief, deliver and move on’ model leaves a lot to be desired for several reasons.

  1. Delivering a project and moving swiftly to the next means agencies don’t understand how a piece fits within the wider business plan, making it harder to learn from it and optimise for future projects.
  2. Focusing only on one brief at a time breeds a lack of accountancy for effectiveness. Hitting a brief is just the start; you need to deliver better outcomes to build your clients’ business.
  3. Campaigns and concepts can be dreamed up that just won’t work in practice, leaving clients with a hefty bill but no benefits.
  4. Not understanding a client’s business model can lead agencies to miss the mark regarding products, customer targeting or even overall messaging – causing frustration within the marketing department and potential friction with other business areas.

The way to avoid this? Start building a more strategic and consultative relationship with your copywriting agency.

The power of partnership

Many companies throw around terms like ‘partnership’ or ‘strategic’ as buzzwords that may sound impressive in a pitch but ultimately continue to follow the same ‘serve and move on’ approach. So how can we be so confident we’re adding something more to our client relationships? We have a proven process that ensures we go beyond the expected to provide continually better business outcomes.


No business wants to pay for services they don’t need or a resource that’s not required. But that’s the risk when taking on full-time members of staff. By having resource on demand through a trusted agency, you can have the support needed to deliver your objectives without the overheads associated with a larger team. And by having a deeper, more consultative relationship with your agency, the extra resources you can access will already have an understanding of your goals and audience, so they’re primed and ready for whatever you need to throw at them.

A strategy-first approach

By getting closer to your business strategy, we can deliver a content strategy and copy that better aligns with your business goals. Meaning every word we write gets you one step closer to achieving them.
By putting KPIs in place, we can ensure that each piece of content is doing the job it’s meant to and continue to optimise based on changing customer expectations. It means we’re accountable to you well after we’ve delivered on a brief.
We’ll also organise regular reporting and performance reviews to effectively plan and make the most of lessons learnt to optimise your content on an ongoing basis.

Intelligent insights

First-rate delivery support and project management is only the start of what we provide for our clients. With expert strategists in-house, we have our fingers on the pulse of market and customer sentiment.
We delight in finding and sharing the latest insights and research with our clients to enhance their content strategies and increase customer engagement.

Getting to grips with the ever-evolving customer journey

As customers and corporations continue to get more complex, there’s no one-size solution to providing communications that deliver excellent outcomes. Instead, we believe that a consultative, flexible, responsive partnership approach is needed to rise above the competition.
If you’re ready to take the next step in delivering brilliant business results, why not get in touch today?

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