Lack Of Major Events In 2013 May Damage Consumer Engagement

by Stratton Craig

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UK marketers are well aware of the importance of keeping consumers engaged and their main concerns for 2013 reflect this. According to a new survey from empty13 Group, marketers are worried that the lack of events to grab the public attention will be among the main challenges they will have to cope with next year, combined with a general distrust of advertising and a decreasing interest in brands.
A third of those polled fear that grand occasions like the Olympics or the Royal Wedding will be greatly missed by brands in 2013, as such events provide great opportunities for brands to interact with consumers and keep them engaged.
However, experts note that the lack of major events to keep consumers engaged might in fact be beneficial for the industry, as marketers will have to come up with more creative ideas in an attempt to help their brands stay afloat and concentrate on a more individual approach to their customer base.
Meanwhile, 31% share the view that consumers have become more apathetic towards advertising as a whole, while nearly a quarter of interviewees believe that consumers are losing their trust in brands. Analysing their own abilities to engage the public, 80% of the marketers polled think that they lack the ability to create and execute fully integrated marketing campaigns. Looking at the sector as a whole, 38% believe that the UK media and marketing industries are not currently organised to effectively engage consumers.

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