International SEO Requires Planning

by Stratton Craig

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The various updates that search engines are constantly rolling out have made it possible for brands to target different groups of consumers more effectively than ever, with special attention being paid to local search. However, brands also need to take into consideration the broader option and think about global SEO, ClickZ website says.
Making a brand relevant in a global context, which would allow it to rank well across locations, is not an easy task. There are several crucial SEO elements that need to be carefully considered before a brand decides to go international.
Firstly, it’s important to establish whether the company is trying to increase branding and exposure or whether it wants to focus on improving revenue in the short term, as these different goals would require different strategies. Increasing company revenue, for example, will depend on knowledge about competition in the new market and the ability to find a niche and gain market share.
It is essential that content is not duplicated on various domains. Google claims that content translated from English to French, for example, would not be regarded as duplication but when targeting different audiences in English-speaking countries, like the US, Australia and New Zealand, it might be flagged as such. That is why brands should provide various markets with unique online content for maximum engagement and the best SEO results.
It’s also important to select the proper format for the in-language content. Brands can choose to present content on their main domain, within a subdomain or launch an entirely new domain that would be country-coded, such as ‘’. Experts believe that developing a country-coded top-level domain is most beneficial in the long run but this also depends on the brand´s resources and current situation.
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