Have you considered utilising a content strategist?

by Stratton Craig

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The first question to consider is probably what a content strategist is – and you would be asking with good reason.

In essence, a content strategist provides a number of essential services for your business. Services which you may well have already had delivered in the past, but in a different name or form.

A content strategist will pull together all the content communications needed within your business and deliver the required content across all platforms – including blogs, print, website copy, corporate messaging, tweet content, marketing collateral, email marketing campaigns, media relations and stakeholder communications.

This is a starting point, rather than a full example of where a content strategist can add value. Remember that effective content remains the starting point for all of your contact with existing customers and potential customers.

You can see how valuable a content strategist is for your business.

You may well have utilised the services of a copywriter, PR consultant, blogger, print content specialist, marketing consultant, web copywriter and others in the past. A content strategist can deliver all of these requirements in one focused, central, cost-effective point-of-contact.

One of the most powerful ways we can help you is via content strategy.

We’ve been delivering different elements across a range of corporate communications, managing a number of our clients' content strategy needs and wants and ensuring that all messages point to their respective business, ultimately helping them to achieve their objectives.

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